Season 3 of America: Facts Vs. Fiction is coming this week!

Proud to announce that another Series we've worked on in 2015 - "America: Facts Vs. Fiction" - will have it's Season Three premiere on Tuesday October 6th on American Heroes Channel 10e/9c.  New episodes will air every Tuesday night over the next few months.  We produced and directed all of the historical re-enactments and recreations featured in the series, just as we did on Season Two last year.  Thanks to our friends at Workaholic Productions for the opportunity.  Tune in!

Check out some of our work airing now on AMC

"The Making of the Mob" is a new 10-part doc-series currently airing on AMC, and we were asked to shoot some 2nd Unit action pieces for the show.  This is the fifth Stephen David Entertainment project we've worked on.  So far, the show looks great, so be sure to check out new episodes airing on AMC each Monday night this summer.

"Legends & LIes: The Real West" Had a Great Premiere on FOXNews

The latest series we helped produce - "Legends & Lies: The Real West" was a hit on its premiere night Sunday April 12th when the "Jesse James" and "Doc Holliday" episodes aired back-to-back.  We were told that 3 million people viewed the first two episodes over all airings that night.  Hoping to hear soon about the stories and schedule for starting work on Season Two!  Keep watching.  Premiere episodes each Sunday night at 8:00pm on FoxNews Channel, followed by repeats of previous episodes each Saturday and Sunday night.