Summer surprise is a golden statue (maybe?)

We have some exciting news to share about a project we helped produce last summer - "The American Revolution" mini-series which aired on Discovery's American Heroes Channel (AHC) in December 2014.  You can still catch it… so damn it, grab the remote!

The series' creative team of Director Kevin R Hershberger, D.P. Hugh Burruss III, and Art Director Carl Johnson from LionHeart FilmWorks were nominated for national Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lighting Direction & Scenic Design for 2015. That's right… an Emmy. 

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

What makes this moment especially meaningful for all of us is that we only had 17 days to shoot a three-hour show which was 90% recreations (maybe more?)… along with some brutal Virginia heat and humidity in August and September of last year.  And of course, not nearly enough money, not to mention time (Is there ever enough time or money on any project???)  

Huge thank you to Luke Ellis and the army of awesome people at Workaholic Productions.

More info can be found here on the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences website:

It's very exciting and we're very proud of our work on the series no matter what happens in NYC on September 28th when awards are presented.  Wish us luck, and keep checking back for more anecdotes and stories from the making of this series.