Three of our series currently airing on Cable...

You might not have heard of the channel before, but NewsMax TV (Directv channel 349 and on Apple TV, Roku, Verizon 115, etc.) is currently airing three of our LionHeart FilmWorks produced multi-part series:  "Gangster Empire: Rise of the Mob"... "The Presidency: From Politics to Power"... "The United States Military: A History of Heroes."  Check your local listings for times they air and enjoy!




"Legends & Lies: The Patriots" Airing Sunday nights @ 8pm est on FoxNews


Airing each and every Sunday night this summer on FoxNews Channel -- 8:00pm est -- Season Two of the series "Legends & Lies," directed by Kevin Hershberger and brought to life by the LionHeart FilmWorks team of historical artists.  "Legends & Lies: The Patriots" tells the real story of the start of the insurgent movement to stand up to the crown in 1775.  Nine episodes air this summer and another three special episodes of the series will air this December.

Check it out while you can and here is another, extended preview from the Fox website - the opening to Episode One.

Season 3 of America: Facts Vs. Fiction is coming this week!

Proud to announce that another Series we've worked on in 2015 - "America: Facts Vs. Fiction" - will have it's Season Three premiere on Tuesday October 6th on American Heroes Channel 10e/9c.  New episodes will air every Tuesday night over the next few months.  We produced and directed all of the historical re-enactments and recreations featured in the series, just as we did on Season Two last year.  Thanks to our friends at Workaholic Productions for the opportunity.  Tune in!