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LionHeart FilmWorks is proud to unveil its new website where we will be posting our current projects and information about those we have already finished. Stay tuned for more updates and explore our gallery for some of our past work. 

"Patriots Rising: The American Revolution" mini-series on AHC!

17 days of shooting this past August and September has finally paid off with this epic 2-part, 2-night Mini-Series premiere on American Heroes Channel.  Once again, we were fortunate to partner with Luke Ellis and our friends at Workaholic Productions to bring the stories of these untold men and women of the American Revolutionary War period to life.

Click on the image below to see an example of some of our work on the series:

"America: Facts Vs. Fiction" airing on AHC

We partnered with Workaholic Productions to help them produce the latest season of "America: Facts Vs. Fiction on American Heroes Channel - bringing our own special brand of dramatic historical re-enactments and cinematic recreations to this ever-expanding series.  Find our work on episodes about: George Custer ("Last Man Standing"), U.S. Grant, George S. Patton, 1930s Gangsters ("Booze and Bullets") as well as P.T. Barnum and Houdini ("Masters of Illusion").  Check it out during repeated airings of the series!

Check out some highlights from our filming of "The Alamo" story!

"Killer Kids" comes to Lifetime Movie Network

Our latest project - "Killer Kids" begins to air on Lifetime Movie Network tonight.  We produced the recreations for six of these episodes and it was one of our first times working within this type of crime recreation genre.  This is a pretty dramatic show - it's produced via our Canadian Production friends at Planete Bleue in Quebec.  It includes dramatized reconstructions of juveniles and teens who become killers for different needs or psychopathic urges.

Here is a preview of some of our work on the series:

Filming for "The World Wars" on History Channel

Back in February we were contacted by Stephen David Entertainment in NYC (Producers of "The Men Who Built America" for History Channel, among other shows) to shoot some very specific historical recreations for their new mini-series "The World Wars" on History. Our work is featured as part of Episode Two ("A Rising Threat").  Check it out!
A sneak preview of what we shot for the series is below: