The United States Military: A History of Heroes


The United States Military: A History of Heroes


The United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps have for more than two centuries proven themselves to be proud and honored defenders of America s freedoms and liberties. Experience the long and proud tradition of the men and women who served our nation s interest and advance the national cause in this dynamic 7-Part Documentary series. With new and impressive historical recreations and museum level attention to detail, this series gives viewers an exclusive look into the legendary stories of both tragedy and triumph that created A History of Heroes.


The U.S. Navy: 1775 - 1914
The evolution of America s Navy 1775 to 1914, from non-existent to one of the greatest sea powers in the world

The U.S. Navy: 1915 - Today
The technological advances propelled by the U.S. Navy from 1915 to present day have ensured that our sailors are an unparalleled nautical force

The U.S. Marine Corps: 1775 - 1916
The origins and creation of our nation s stopgap military force from 1775 1916

The U.S. Marine Corps: 1917 - Today
The colorful history and evolution of the men and women of our nation s Marine Corps from 1917 to today

The U.S. Air Force: 1903 - Today
The evolution of our nation s superiority in the skies, from 1903 to today

The U.S. Army: 1775 - 1899
The proud history and traditions of the soldiers who stood against our nations enemies to defended our freedoms, from 1775 to 1899

The U.S. Army: 1900 - Today
The advancement and reform of our nations Army, from 1900 to today

410 minutes.

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