The Presidents: From Politics to Power

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The Presidents: From Politics to Power


A 6-Part Executive Tour Through The United States Presidents!

 Who were these great men? How has their leadership shaped the country, government, and way of life we now know today, and what does the future hold for the office of the President of the United States of America? Join us as we examine the lives and times of the men who have defined and re-defined a nation. From George Washington to Barack Obama, discover the political and social legacies of the remarkable men who have presided over the Oval Office!

6 Hours and 20 Minutes.  2-Discs.


Part I His Excellency -- Take a detailed look at the lives, service and influence of our founding leaders, from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln.

Part II The Honorable -- From Abraham Lincoln to F.D.R, discover the legacy and aspirations of the men who served as Commander-in-Chief during our nation s most challenging times.

Part III Mr. President -- Witness the powerful personalities, weaknesses, and major achievements of the men who have guided America through its past and present obstacles, from the final years of F.D.R to Barack Obama.

Part IV Mr. Vice-President -- Explore the most important and often forgotten men in the White House who were a breath away from becoming President.

Part V The Commander-In-Chief -- This episode concentrates on the power and responsibilities taken on by the Presidents who served as War-Time Commander.

Part VI The Business of Being President -- Discover the most interesting facts of The White House and the history behind some of the perks of being President.

Bonus episode - The 10 Most & Least Effective Presidents -- From their highest achievements to their historical insignificance, this episode journeys through the most and least influential Presidents of the United States.

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