Emancipation Road

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Emancipation Road


The long anticipated sequel to the best-selling series "Up From Slavery."  

A 7-Part Compelling Journey Through America's Greatest Saga!

In 1860, the nation founded upon an idea that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness had as many as four hundred thousand slave-owners and almost four million slaves.

By denying these rights to more than twelve percent of its population, America would soon pay with the blood of a generation.

The story of African Slavery in America started with the first permanent English Colony in the 17th century... and ended with the Civil War. But those two hundred and fifty years of struggle were just the beginning. The beginning of a journey down the long Emancipation Road...


7-part Original Series.  2-DVD.  6 hours.


Part One - 1625-1863 – The Shadows of Slavery

Part Two – 1863 -1870 - The Emancipation Proclamation

Part Three – 1870 – 1909 – Separate But Equal

Part Four – 1909 – WWII - Regardless of the Color of One's Skin

Part Five – 1945 – 1963 – The Double Victory

Part Six – 1963 – 1968 – The Civil Rights Era

Part Seven – 1968 – Today – Heroes of Hope

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