"For Love of Liberty" The Story of America's Black Patriots


"For Love of Liberty" The Story of America's Black Patriots


A fantastic multi-part film which first aired on National PBS.

9 Hours, 15 minutes of content on 2-DVDs.  

If prevalent and accepted accounts of American History – both scholarly and those portrayed by Hollywood – are to be believed, the face of the United States Armed Services was white.

The truth is over 5,000 Black soldiers fought in the American Revolution. And though most were not recognized as citizens or even free man, more than 200,000 took up arms in the Civil War. Over 380,000 African-Americans served in WW I and more than 2,000,000 defended this country in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Yet most accounts of their valiant actions are absent from history books and contemporary film.

For Love Of Liberty: The Story Of America's Black Patriots finally, and for the first time, sets the record straight.

Its theme, the price of liberty, is relevant to all Americans.

Ten years in the making, the 4 hour, 2 part PBS documentary is introduced by Colin Powell, hosted on-camera by Halle Berry and features a cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, John Travolta, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Robert Duvall, Danny Glover, Sam Elliot, Delroy Lindo, Walter Cronkite, Angela Bassett, John Amos, Kris Kristofferson, Ice-T, Donald Sutherland, Blair Underwood, Cliff Robertson, Courtney B. Vance, Alan Rickman, Jesse L. Martin, Alfre Woodard, Robert Townsend, Mel Gibson, Charles Dutton, Michael Clark Duncan, Chris Cooper, Louis Gossett Jr. and many, many others. 

This amazing cast reads from a collection of letters, diaries, speeches and military records that document and acknowledge the sacrifices and accomplishments of African-American service men and women since the earliest days of the republic. The story spans the Revolution to Afghanistan and examines why, despite enormous injustice, these heroic men and women fought so valiantly for freedoms they themselves did not enjoy. 

First broadcast nationwide in February 2010, this acclaimed series has generated intense support from scholars, students and parents. An "abridged” version of the film has been screened at numerous public venues including The Smithsonian, The National Archives, The NAACP, The UN, The LBJ Presidential Library, The National WWI Museum along with a number of universities and military installations.

For Love of Liberty has been vetted by three PhD's and endorsed by a broad coalition of supporters, including all the major African-American veterans groups and civil rights organizations, prominent senators and congressional representatives along with leading members of the filmmaking community.

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