Pirate Radio: Taking Back the Airwaves

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Pirate Radio: Taking Back the Airwaves

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“Would there have been a British Invasion... if there had been no Pirate Radio?”

-- Chris Kaltenbach - Baltimore Film Critic

“Pirate Radio: Taking Back The Airwaves” a Wayne Hepler Film

When American radio reveled in the British Invasion, the British -- and the rest of Europe -- didn't!

So, when the Beatles and the Stones got no airplay in Europe, the Pirate DJ's of the 1960s took to international waters -- safe from the laws of the land, but not so safe from hurricanes and bombs -- and brought the British invasion to millions of rock-starved teens.

Hear the humorous and dangerous tales from the famous pirates themselves, and meet these wild men who lost their trunks before crazed women tourists... set a ship on fire... and even murdered the competition!

We compare these pioneers from 50 years ago to modern-day American Pirates (shot in silhouette to hide from the law), including one called “Commander Bunny.”

74 minutes. Documentary / Adventure / Comedy

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